Adding New Objects

Adding a new object type is pretty simple in Element. Click the ADD '+' button on the Homepage. The add menu will open:

  • Recent – Displays recent objects you've created or opened.

  • Options – Displays all object features in Element

  • Search – Search for object types here.

Selecting the object brings up it's respective form (below):

Forms enable you to capture parameters for that object:

  1. Fields – This is where you enter details for your object.

  2. Cancel – Exits the form without saving any changes

  3. Save – Saves the form and opens the object Carousel

  4. Save (+) – Saves the form and opens another Add New form. That means you can keep adding new objects one after the other.

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Projects (sometimes known as Initiatives) are a hierarchy object type. They are typically pieces of work with a moderate to long time-frame. They are typically made up of Features, Stories and Tasks.


Portfolios are a hierarchy object type. They are typically used to hold a collection of other portfolios or projects.

Element Object Types

Element manages work using what we refer to as 'Objects'. An object is a building block that can store pieces of data or other object types.

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